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MSTYLE FURNITURE established in Bursa İnegöl in 2015; It is one of the leading EXPORTER BRANDS of the furniture industry with its high production capacity and its provide of continuous growth trend.

 MSTYLE FURNITURE, which has an innovative idea to ensure sustainable development, keeps the pulse of its customers because its new product development processes are consumer and customer-oriented, and builds its innovative and creative structure on these foundations. It stands out with its elegance and grace as well as its quality and durability. 


             Customer requests, needs and expectations, MSTYLE FURNITURE Vision, which is the focal point of all processes; To listen to the voices of customers in different segments, to design products in line with their expectations and to continuous increase brand awareness and reputation by bringing these products together with quickly  large masses.


       Mission; MSTYLE FURNITURE, which aims to provide employment and add value to the Turkish economy by producing and selling quality furniture at affordable prices to target audiences in the world market; In its factory consisting of a total of 4,500m2, of which 4,000 m2 is closed; With its high-tech machine track and modern production facilities, 65 employees, 400 SET MODERN BEDROOM per month have a production capacity. 


       MSTYLE FURNITURE supports teamwork with the awareness that cooperation and devotion are the basis of success, believes in the power of synergy and attaches importance to team performance as much as individual performance. Human Resources policy; "To run for the same goal with its employees" MSTYLE FURNITURE's strength consists of experienced and expert employees who add their heart to their work.


MSTYLE FURNITURE supports education with various social responsibility projects carried out domestically, provides opportunities for the professional development of students and contributes to the sector's need for trained staff. It does not make any concessions from protecting and glorifying its corporate reputation, keeps its goals high and as a result of its achievements, its core value is commercial ethics, trust and reputation.

We export 100% of our production capacity to 26 countries.

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Our 2022 modern and classic collection our catalog who knows the place.



A unique experience magnificent craftsmanship, since the day Mstyle was founded, it produces its products by improving the excitement of the first day and its craftsmanship on this day every day.

In our bedroom series, using the most precious materials, we combine designs that will make life easier with a masterful and magnificent artistic eye.


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